Soma® Safe Enclosure

Soma®Safe Enclosure

The Soma® Safe Enclosure is a secure and comfortable option for patients. As opposed to traditional four-point restraints or “chemical” restraints, the enclosure allows the patient to have a remarkable amount of mobility without compromising their safety.

The Soma® Safe Enclosure is used as an aid, not a substitute to excellent nursing care. The hospital staff will regularly monitor the patient without constantly being by their bedside. When using the Soma® Safe Enclosure, your loved one:

  • can move about freely within the enclosure
  • can be viewed easily from any angle to monitor them
  • are calmer and less agitated while remaining protected
  • experience increased appetite can fall asleep easier and rest longer
  • suffer none of the side effects caused by traditional restraints

The Soma® Safe Enclosure is an excellent solution for patients that need extra security at some point during the day, but can function without a full enclosure as well. Elderly patients in transition to a long term care facility are an excellent example of patients that may have minimal time in the full safety of our enclosure.


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This is Vivax Medical’s collapsible enclosure bed model. This patented model is the gold standard of enclosures and now replaces all previous models.

The SSE-450 requires little room for storage and allows the institution to use their existing hospital beds without compromising the bed functions.

There are only two parts: the frame and the net. The frame is fully collapsible to 15″x15″x74″. The net has eight access ports for IV lines and catheters plus additional access ports to accommodate an air mattress.

The SSE-450 is designed to fit nearly all acute care beds on the market.