Vivax Medical Corporation Proudly

Celebrates 30 Years in Business!

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Founded in 1984 to develop an automated system to increase the mobility of bedridden persons, the company introduced the Vivax Mobility System. The VMS (Vivax Mobility System) allowed a patient to be transferred from bed to a wheel chair with the push of a button. This increased mobility would enable patients to stay at home with reduced dependence on a caregiver. Vivax has consequently developed institutional models to meet varying needs of those institutions and licensed that technology to another company. 

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Introducing SOMA CARE

The pathway to becoming Certified Soma Safe!

Soma Care™ is an exclusive service from Vivax Medical that will help you and your institution reduce fall-related ‘never-events’ (Serious Reportable Events) by becoming Certified SOMA Safe …now!

At Vivax, Soma Care™ means we provide our partner hospitals with our comprehensive Soma Care™ Fall Prevention Program, a program specifically designed to identify at risk patients and establish fall prevention procedures and protocols through the use of evidenced based data.


This is a proprietary program from Vivax Medical and is provided as an ongoing value added service by our Clinical Resource Team. Your care team will also be included in our Soma Care™ Fall Prevention training program, and at the conclusion will achieve the recognition of becoming Certified Soma Safe as will your institution.

Vivax Medical Corporation is committed to partnering with hospitals to increase patient safety by helping to prevent falls, thereby eliminating fall related injuries through use of our Soma Care™ Fall Prevention Program.

And what is the end result?

Dramatically reduce fall incidents, the related cost to your institution thereby increasing patient safety and well being.