Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenence

Vivax Medical Corporation is very serious about infection control and sanitization of our products. We follow a very strict cleaning and infection control process both in house and in our partner facilities. This process is proprietary and password protected. Your CRM or account representative can give you a password that will allow you to access this information. Supporting documentation can be found on this page.


In addition to the routine laundering of the Soma® Safe Enclosure, Vivax Medical Corporation is the exclusive partner with iGuard PPC. iGuard and Vivax Medical have partnered to help address the growing issue of healthcare acquired infections (HAI). iGuard’s antimicrobial coating creates a self-sanitizing surface to protect the Soma® Safe Enclosure from spreading diseases.

iGuard’s Treatment

  • The photocatalytic oxidation of TiO2 Zn has proven to successfully inactivate harmful pathogens.
  • TiO2 Zn is key to effective, affordable antimicrobial surface coatings.
  • Self-sanitizing surfaces are one off the steps in reducing transmission through human error.