Fall Prevention Program

Fall Prevention Program

Vivax Medical Corporation’s clinical solution to prevent Never Events”, or Serious Reportable Events.”

The Soma® Care™ Fall Prevention Program is a 6 to 7 week implementation program developed and presented by Vivax Medical to your entire hospital staff involved in the care and treatment of at risk patients. It is through this program that your institution can reverse fall related never events.

Our Soma® Care™ Timeline to Success

  • During this period of time, Vivax Medical will provide:
  • Scheduled in-service programs to appropriate staff
  • Ongoing feedback opportunity
  • Support of appropriate Nursing and medical Grand Rounds
  • Pertinent materials associated with the Soma® Safe Enclosure
  • Evaluation of the Soma® Safe Enclosure and associated educational process
  • Ongoing weekly equipment quality checks to ensure positive patient outcomes

The Importance of Reducing Patient Falls: 

Appendix A – Specifications of the Serious Reportable Events In Healthcare – 2011 Update

4. Care Management Events (Cont.)
Event: 4E. Patient death or serious injury associated with a fall while being cared for in a healthcare setting.
Additional Specifications: Includes but is not limited to fractures, head injuries, and intracranial hemorrhage.

Implentation Guidance: Of note, an assessment that identifies patients at “risk” of fall, findings of risk accompanied by organizationally defined measurers to be taken when risk is identified could be useful in both prevention and event analysis.

Applicable settings:
•Outpatient/ Office-based Practices
•Ambulatory Practice Settings/ Office-based Practices
•Long-term Care/ Skilled Nursing Facilities

“Never Events,” or “Serious Reportable Events”:

In 2008, The Minnesota Department of Health stated that 30% of reported Serious Reportable Events (SREs), or, ‘never events,’ were attributed to unassisted patient falls.  Falls are the second highest SREs that are not covered by insurance and are the financial and liability responsibility of hospitals in the US.

Our Clinical Resource program can help your institution reduce such unassisted patient falls and thereby protect your patients from harm, maintain your patient sense of safety and well being.