Soma® Safe – Overview

Vivax Medical is committed to bringing clinically superior products to the healthcare market that improves patient care and safety, while lowering the cost of quality healthcare.

We recognize that a healthcare provider’s primary concern is for the well being of their patient. However, healthcare providers are also concerned with the increased cost of providing quality healthcare. Recent regulation changes such as “Never Events” now place the costs associated with hospital fall related injuries on that institution.

  • Allows maximum freedom of movement
  • Avoids patient injuries
    • Permits the patient to interact with their environment
    • Promotes security and well being

The Soma® Safe Enclosure product line is your answer to “Never Events”. We provide a safe, humane and relaxing environment for behaviorally challenged patients who otherwise would have required a less humane restraint option. Anecdotally sitters or 1:1’s have shown to be ineffective in preventing the actual fall, often resulting in patient sitter confrontation. Sitters 1:1’s also place a huge financial strain on a hospital’s operational budget.


Distinguishing Features of Soma® Safe Enclosures:

  • Available with and without a bed
  • SSE-450 series fits all current and new Hill-Rom™ and Stryker™ acute care beds on the market
  • SSE-450 series is collapsible to 15″x15″x 74″and requires little room for storage
  • Extremely sturdy frame, designed for use with patients weighing up to 300 pounds
  • Canopy is constructed of soft medical grade anti-bacterial nylon that prevents the patient from injury while still being strong enough to provide safety
  • Netting is sized to prevent the patient from putting their fingers through it
  • Netting is black in color to improve visibility and prevent stains
  • Net is padded and suspended for patient safety
  • Canopy can be laundered in a commercial washing machine
  • Strong locking nylon self repairing, self lubricating zippers prevent opening from inside
  • Eight access ports for IV lines and catheters
  • Canopy fits tight to the mattress to prevent patient entrapment
  • Can be used with or without headboards and footboards
  • Can place bed sheets on mattress
  • Use with hospital air mattresses for wound healing and wound prevention
  • All hospital beds retrofitted with enclosure still have all the features and functions of the bed frame example: head up, legs up, call alarms, nurse call button, high, low, etc.