Soma® Care™ – Sitter Reduction Program

Vivax Medical is proud to offer our Soma® Care™ Sitter Reduction Program that can reduce your health care institutions 1:1 sitter operational budget up to 80-90% while improving clinical outcomes.

Constant observation from 1:1 sitters is intended to provide a safe environment for a patient deemed a high fall risk. Unfortunately, a review of the medical literature shows no evidence of reduced falls or injuries with sitters. In addition, this methodology has documented limitations that include not preventing the actual fall, injuries to the sitter, limiting patient privacy, and significant expense for the institution.

Through years of experience, we recognize that the culture of an institution influences its practices, and the familiarity of using 1:1 sitters for constant observation will never be completely eliminated. However, our proprietary program can drastically reduce the economic burden of constant observation while also improving clinical outcomes through the use of our Soma® Sitter Reduction Program.

Our proprietary program can provide your health care institution with the tools, institutional policies, training, and assistance needed for assembling the appropriate teams in order to decrease the significant financial burden that 1:1 sitters have on your budget.


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Soma® Safe Hospital
$45,000 savings per month | 400 bed hospital

Soma® Safe Hospital
Saved $113,000 in 7 months | 160 beds

Calculate Your Potential Savings With Our Soma® Care™ Sitter Reduction Program


Cost Savings at a Certified Soma® Safe Hospital


Total cost to hospital for 1:1 sitter fall prevention before Vivax:      $212,000

Total cost to hospital  for fall prevention with Vivax:                   $42,400*


Cost savings/month pre-certified Soma® Safe:                            $13,630*

Cost savings/month post-certified Soma® Safe:                           $33,813*


Total Cost savings to hospital: $169,600*, or 80%!

*Not included in the costs savings total are extended days for recovery from falls, cost of fall injury to patients, or any additional liability.