Soma® Safe 300 Enclosure

Vivax Medical Corporation prides itself on design innovation

With Soma® Safe Enclosures, you choose the right enclosure for your patient and institution.

SSE-300 Series

The SSE-300 Series provides stability for patients that may be more agitated, aggressive or are prone to seizures. The padded head and foot boards allow more protection at the respective ends of the bed while the integrated frame provides greater stability. The net has eight access ports for IV lines and catheters plus additional access ports to accommodate an air mattress.


  • Electric or manual
  • Can be lowered to 14.5″ and raised to 26″

SSE-310: Built in low bed

  • 7 3/4″ ground to mattress deck

The SSE-300 series is an excellent solution for patients that need extra security at some point during the day, but can function without a full enclosure as well. Elderly patients in transition to a long term care facility are an excellent example of patients that may have minimal time in the full safety of our enclosure.