Soma® Safe – Background

Vivax Medical Corporation’s clinical solution to prevent “Never Events

As a healthcare provider, your primary concern is for the well-being of your patient. However, healthcare providers are also concerned with the increased cost of providing quality healthcare.

Recent regulation changes such as “Never Events” now place the costs associated with hospital fall related injuries on that institution. The Soma® Safe Enclosure product line is a significant part of your answer to fall related “Never Events”.

The Soma® Safe Enclosure allows your patient to do everything they normally do in a standard hospital bed except exit unassisted – thus preventing bed exit falls.

       •  Allows maximum freedom of movement and comfort
       •  Avoids patient injuries
       •  Permits the patient to interact with their environment
       •  Promotes security and well being

The Soma® Safe enclosure provides a safe, humane and relaxing environment for behaviorally challenged patients that otherwise would have required a less humane and more restrictive restraint option.

Vivax Medical is the longest tenured manufacturer of enclosure beds in the world. Vivax Medical has the first and largest evidence based data validation system, which documents the outcomes related to our Soma® Safe enclosure. For the past 15 years, Vivax Medical has dedicated its resources to continuously improving our Soma® Safe Enclosure. Our Quality and Safety Track Record far exceeds any enclosure bed on the market.

We take safety very seriously. Being an innovator and leader in an ever changing health care market, Vivax Medical has committed to maintaining our focus on being the industry standard and produces the safest and highest quality enclosure bed possible. We are proud the Soma® Safe enclosure is made individually by hand here in the United States of America.

Federal guidelines mandate the use of evidence based interventions for prevention of “never events”.  Your health care institution should choose Vivax Medical, the Soma® Care™ Consultancy Program and Soma® Safe Enclosure because you only partner with the proven safest and highest quality technology available today. Partner with Vivax Medical because you want to associate with the source manufacturer who is accountable and focused to ensure the quality of our Soma® Safe enclosures is never compromised.

These are just a few reasons why the top prestigious health care institutions in the United States have partnered with Vivax Medical and have chosen our Soma® Safe Enclosure.