Vivax – Soma® Care™ – Consulting Program


The Soma® Care™ Program provide partner care centers with clinical resources necessary to develop and implement best practices, policies protocols and procedures that will introduce new methods and technology to help manage specific never events. The Soma® Care™ program will also provide evidence based data collection and analysis for the managed never event program to validate efficacy to CMS, the Joint Commission or other agencies responsible for accreditation.

Clinical Team:

Initially, the clinical team will consist nurse managers with several years of acute care/rehab in patient experience, along with consulting specialist MD’s. Additional specialized clinical staff will be added as need dictates. Over time, clinical specialty teams will be organized to provide better training and support where needed.


These clinical specialists will meet with the never event clinical teams at partner facilities to evaluate current processes and suggest changes to improve outcomes and reduce never events and associated costs. The clinical team will meet with specific health care specialists to gather pertinent information and evaluate effectiveness. Once the assessment has been completed, the clinical team will design and propose a best practices program specific to the needs defined. This program can include: policies, protocols and procedures, and a variety of tools for evaluation, management and documentation of the defined never event program. The clinical team will also recommend specific devices relevant to these defined programs. They will also design and implement an education program to introduce and reinforce critical pathways and associated culture change objectives. This will include grand rounds for both nursing and MD staff,  daily/weekly safety huddles, patient rounds along with group and individual education/coaching sessions. A customized Soma® Care™ implementation resource guide will be prepared and presented to staff to help ensure continuity and provide a reference for the newly developed implementation documentation. The evidence based data collection program will be implemented and analysis will be provided on a quarterly basis to validate results.