Press Release for Immediate Release

Monday, August 5, 2013
CONTACT:   Kim Gay, iGuard PPC                                      


iGuard PPC Partners with Vivax Medical

iGuard PPC is pleased to welcome Vivax Medical Corporation as its exclusive customer for Bed Enclosure protection.  iGuard and  Vivax Medical have partnered to help address the growing issue of healthcare acquired infections (HAI). The iGuard antimicrobial coating creates a self-sanitizing surface to protect the enclosure systems.   

Vivax Medical is the manufacturer of the Soma® Safe Enclosure System. The Soma® provides a safe, humane and relaxing environment for behaviorally challenged patients that otherwise would have required a less humane and more restrictive restraint option.  The Soma® Safe Enclosure allows patients to do everything they normally do in a standard hospital bed except exit unassisted – thus preventing bed exit falls. Vivax Medical is the longest tenured manufacturer of enclosure beds in the world. They have the first and largest evidence based data validation system, which documents the outcomes related to the Soma® Safe Enclosure. For the past 15 years, Vivax Medical has dedicated its resources to continuously improving the Soma® Safe Enclosure. Vivax takes safety very seriously that is why they have added iGuard’s antimicrobial coating to the Soma® Enclosure frame and netting to create a self-sanitizing surface.  The coating adds another layer of protection against harmful pathogens.

“Vivax Medical Corporation’s core value is commitment to patient safety.  Given the healthcare mandate to reduce never events, Vivax has partnered with iGuard to protect patients from hospital acquired infections (HAI’s) by applying the iGuard antimicrobial coating to all of our Soma® devices.  The iGuard coating creates a self-sanitizing surface which prevents growth of microorganisms and helps prevent HAI’s.  This application will help us maintain our lead in patient safety. We thank iGuard for this exclusive opportunity” said Rick Swanson, Vivax’s CEO.

When you stop to consider it, the prevalence of healthcare-acquired infections makes sense and can seem inevitable. Healthcare facilities house large numbers of sick people, some with infectious diseases and many with poorly functioning immune systems. These infections are caused by bacteria or viruses. Frighteningly, many of them are caused by multidrug-resistant superbugs.

“Vivax Medical’s addition of iGuard’s antimicrobial coating demonstrates that the patient and staff’s health is their top priority. It provides additional protection against dangerous pathogens and when you have so many hospitals and patients depending on you, it really just makes good business sense,” said Kim Gay the CEO of iGuard PPC.

When you or a loved one heads to the hospital, the last thing you want to worry about is a secondary infection. Yet, the truth is every year in the US over 2 million people go into hospitals and get sick with a healthcare-acquired infection.

For many, (like the elderly, the weak or the very young), these infections can be deadly; over 100,000 patients die from these infections each year – more than car accidents, breast cancer and AIDS combined – according to the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths (RID). These infections are also expensive. It has been estimated that patients who contract an infection in the hospital, stay an average of 21 days, compared with just 4.5 days for other patients, and their hospital stays cost six times more. As if that weren’t enough, in 2012, Medicare, stopped paying hospitals to treat several types of hospital infections that are preventable and therefore should “never” happen.