About Us

About Us

Founded in 1984 to develop an automated system to increase the mobility of bedridden persons, the company introduced the Vivax Mobility System. The VMS (Vivax Mobility System) allowed a patient to be transferred from bed to a wheel chair with the push of a button. This increased mobility would enable patients to stay at home with reduced dependence on a caregiver. Vivax has consequently developed institutional models to meet varying needs of those institutions and licensed that technology to another company.

In 1997, Vivax recognized the increasing importance of a patient’s right to be free of restrictive restraints, yet understood the need to provide patient safety. Vivax introduced the Soma® Safe Enclosure as a far less restrictive means of providing for patients welfare. The Soma® Safe Enclosure provides a safe, humane and cost-effective alternative to active restraints and constant observation when caring for at risk patients.

In 2010, Vivax moved to its new headquarters in Naugatuck, Connecticut and in 2012, introduced its newest version of the Soma® Safe Enclosure. The SSE-450 is a universal frame and net combination that fits virtually any acute care hospital bed. This unique and proprietary enclosure ensures proper fit thereby maintaining the highest standards in patient safety.

In 2012, Vivax also introduced the Soma® Care™ division. Made up of licensed RN’s with many years of acute care experience, this division is dedicated to helping educate staff in our partner hospitals to better manage at risk and behaviorally challenged patients.

Vivax Medical Corporation continues its commitment to pioneering patient safety programs related to never event management. Vivax was the first in the industry to focus on cost savings in patient safety by developing innovative products and programs that help institutions achieve better outcomes, while reducing cost and workload. By partnering with institutions and caregivers, Vivax has crafted a Soma® Care™ patient safety program including, sitter cost reduction and outcome improvement. This has rapidly become the industry standard.

Vivax continues to develop new technologies which impact care in other critical areas of strategic concern to the healthcare industry. Vivax Medical Corporation works directly with acute care facilities, through contracted, Certified Soma® Safe™ distributors and Soma® Care™ Clinical Resource Managers around the country.

Meet the Team:


Richard L. Swanson    

President and CEO

Susanne Tavares      

Senior Vice President

Brian DeRosa    

Vice President of Operations


Ron Capone    

Vice President of Sales

John Russiano   

Director of Marketing


Pamela Green    

Sewing Manager

Jason Begin    

Marketing and Administrative Intern